So, uh... yeah, that was... that. What a ride, huh? I mean, if you’ve followed it. Homestuck, that is. You’ve.. heard of it, maybe? *cough* Anyways, moving on!..

Well, I can personally say I had fun. Probably first caught wind of the whole thing around... um, the troll stuff, I guess, and then I barreled through everything the guy made beforehand since I wanted a “complete” experience.

Before I go any further, I just want to clarify that I wouldn’t say I’m biggest fan of the thing. As in, I suppose I wouldn’t say I was/am “dedicated” to it, not like others I’ve seen. (I don’t really participate in its community at the moment) Granted, I’ve read it on the weekends, and I eventually started following one blog to get a keener sense of all the weird plot shenanigans (and I really dig the music the scene puts out), but I don’t consider it... soul-changing stuff, I think. To be honest, I don’t think I ever had one of those experiences, or at least one I can remember, and I’m not planning to. I’m not intending to have something against the people who’ve “had their lives turned around” by Game XYZ or the BookSeries Chronicles, but for myself I don’t think its quite right to have such a... foundation aspect of yourself rooted in something probably fleeting in the long-run of life. Perhaps its better for others, but I don’t see that for me. (course, I could just be hypocritically self-blind to how much I’m trying to emulate Batman or something, who knows?)

But enough tangents about me, and back to tangents regarding this webcomic, which I still think there are some some significant ones that weren’t resolved by its recent conclusion. [spoilers]


Like, what; Vriska, anti-hero-apparent, just ups and knocks the nastiest piece of trash in their universe/s from his pedestal, without him making a move? I’m aware that Lord English had just got the Green Sun deprived of him, and that there’s tangential links to the House Juju or whatever and his immortality curse, but... wouldn’t he have seen this coming? And, y’know, planned accordingly? Because to be honest, from what I saw, that fight looked cheap and undeserved, to English and Serket respectively. (I have less qualms about the Beta showdowns though; still there, but it pieces together better) Am I missing something? Are my expectations not in the right place, groomed by watching one-too-many Scooby Doo episodes where they wrap things up at the end? It says “THE END”, but I don’t know where to begin...

*sigh* And yet, I think it’s been good in alot of parts! One could say I might’ve been “cheating” by following that blog I mentioned earlier, but I do independently think plenty of things have been handled deftly by Andrew Hussie throughout this. Arcs, visual style, community contributions, refances, etc. (though plot points were starting to pile up) (as one would expect!) Just... I had expectations it was going to end more logically. Could’ve been a harmonious Greek choir tying up all those loose ends, or even a big honkin’ cliffhanger so we’d go out and buy Hiveswap. (I wouldn’t like that, but it’d still make some amount sense) But no, it feels like we just... skipped to the end.


[/spoilers] So that’s my take of it. There’s probably more viewpoints on this in existence than you could shake a cruxite dowel at, and even my thoughts could flex as time goes on. (oh, and there’s that mentioned planned epilogue too, though given how Homestuck’s “ending” was, I don’t know what its intention is, whether to clean-up or otherwise) So, uh... discuss, if you want. Or check out Kotaku’s (reader’s comments) thoughts on it. Or get one more eyeful of that dashing aliased drum-buster once more for the road.

(Interestingly enough, all I had originally planned to do was post the below image yesterday for the 4/13 ending. But then I ended up wanting a nice image within it, so I made the header image at the top, and following that I ended up typing all this, due to now having the time after missing the date. Funny how sometimes the side-effects end up overshadowing the results...)


EDIT: Ah, might as well add this too. If someone were to ask me if I recommended reading Homestuck/MSPA, I’m not sure if I would say yes. From where I stand, Homestuck works when you come to it, rather it coming to you.