Happy birthday, Me! Hope you’re not too chagrined that this isn’t on the 4th like we had hoped for. (and for working over an hour trying to make a funny header, eheh...)

But really, it feels that I’m quite behind this year! I’ve even got a backlog of newspaper comics to get at, not to mention those I’d read online. Anyways, point-being, I haven’t been keeping up on things I like as much in a while as I usually do, and I hope to change that when the things I’d probably blame for most of my recent tardiness (college and harvest season) stop being things that stop me, hopefully.


Related to that, I have not been up with the news around here for, oh about... let’s say 3 months to be safe. Feel free to shoot me some headlines in the comments about what cool things you think have happened in the videogamesphere from then ‘till now, or any other nearby -spheres. And regardless, thanks TAY for still existing while I’ve been distracted, keep that up! ;D

...and lest I forget.

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