Welp, it’s my birthday... well, was, on the 4th. Just a *cough* a bit late to getting it posted I suppose. :|

So yeah! Uh, got me a case of pudding cups, some pizza, Trumpiano Donaldo... thanks Obama America for such interesting gifts every 4 years.

Oh! And due to the Halloween event and certain other factors, I was able to evolve my singular starter Charmander to a Charmeleon entirely on walkies!

Make Pokemon Go Again.
TBH, I probably could’ve taken more advantage of the halved walk lengths.
The little swaglette, along wit stock stats, no outside help here. #allnatural


Even Sir Cheeky Nando agrees this mixtape is fire.
Into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber..
..and outa pops a spicy Pokemon!


#gains #charmillionaire #itslit
*sniff* They swag up so fast. T^T

Now all that’s left is to deal with is.. *sigh* the 300km needed to access Charizard. (there’s hardly any Fire types in my area, not to speak of the zero Char sightings)


Anyways, Happy Novembering everyone!