[Note: for those who want to wait for the DVD or whatever, this is probably not the text you are looking for]

Stars War: Face Awake

(dangit, how do I gallery Imgur?)

Annnnywho, my local theater shows movies kinda late so they can have less required display days, so I since I never got around to it wanted to support the local community, I decided that last night was the night! (oh and I got a ticket for Christmas) So, from what I remember:

  • Opening crawl was as expected.
  • The feel, however, did bear the markings of our era’s films: All the fancy angles, the whooshing movement, lens-flare probably somewhere, that sort’ve thing. (I actually didn’t like the fast pace of some parts, too brisk to see details!)
  • The ways characters talked definitely goes in different directions than the previous films. While Rey and others certainly had that.. poetic sort’ve flow, deviates included Poe’s snark while captured, Finn and Poe’s dogfight broment, and some other ones I’m probably forgetting. For previous Star Wars stuff, the closest I can think of to this kind of lax conversation attitude would be Episode IV Luke, 3D Clone Wars Anakin/Ashoka, the cast of Rebels, and Han Solo in practically anything.
  • As far as characterization goes, I think Rey’s was more subtle than Finn’s, which you could take either way. Assuming it’s so that she can do/be more in later films.
  • Capt. Phasma was disappointing, yo. C’mon, you hype a gurl’s status up like that and the most she does is get thrown in the trash? Off-screen??? (what I’m saying is that she better get another shot next-time around, if she’s still alive, which she better be)
  • Kylo Ren is/will be Zuko. That’s kinda sums it up.
  • Why did a random Nue-trooper have a shock stick fight with Finn? I mean I suppose I could imagine it as characterization for the troopers themselves, but it still felt like an odd moment.
  • I hope Momma Snooki or whatever does actually turn out to be like 30ft tall. Inclusion for characters of gigantism!
  • Villainous second-in-commands jockeying for power/affection is probably never going to get old.
  • While admittedly I did have a small twinge when Han got shivved by Kylo (I forget, did he ever get a Darth name? I can’t remember if they ever used a name for him that often..), the way the film was setup (for itself and the rest of the trilogy) definitely foretold a big heel moment for Mr. Ren.
  • Speaking-which, I didn’t realize until after the movie that Han is fulfilling the “death of the mentor” trope, of which he’s now linked to Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon who fell in line before him. (unfortunately I don’t think you can swindle yourself into Force Ghostitude.)
  • I’m not really sure how they’re going top blowing up a literal planet with a literal solar beam in (presumably) Episode IX. I don’t like the prospect of Star Wars getting really huge(er) in that physical sense.
  • Best line/s?

Finn: [enthusiastically] We’ll use the Force! :D

Han: That’s not how the Force works! >:U

  • (speakenen of which, das some muy-muy powerful Force ability shown by bad-guy Kylo. Is’n him a special case, or isa Luke gonna get a bombad power-upgrade too?)
  • The ending, though, is probably the worst in all of this. While I understand the inclination of wanting to say “HEY PLOT NOT OVER YET” since there’s no doubt of making a trilogy, but.... really, that’s what you chose to end it on? A rotating aerial shot like it’s some National Geographic shoot? That isn’t a movie ending, that’s a cliffhanger ending of a television show season, where Barbra confronts her evil doppelganger on the Italian shoreline where she’s threatening to throw their shared lover/optometrist Carlos over the cliff unless Barba hands over the deed to the family vineyard. If anything, either they could’ve ended it at Rey flying away from the base, added some more oomph to the current one (have Luke.. say something?), or ended it on a villainous note instead.
  • I gotta say though, even with the flaws I felt, this certainly felt like a movie with heft. Perhaps even I cannot stand unstained by Star Wars hype/nostalgia, I left with the impression that I got to see something with alot of depth to it. (not necessarily story-wise, but the historical aspect of it) It feels like it’s going places, y’know?

And that’s about what I can remember! Certainly I can expect that with time/repeated viewing things will change, but for now that’s all I can muster. The Force be with you all or whatever, peace.