This is for those who waited to watch the televised finale, and for anyone else who wants to discuss that and Book 2 in general. (oh, and for me to get my say in, since I was of the former group)

So... huh, that was big, flashy finish. Interesting how even after Unalaq got his wish of fusing with Vaatu and become the silly-sounding "Dark Avatar", he was still merely a souped-up waterbender. (except the whole turning gigantic and probably(?) loosing dominance to Vaatu thing, but that only added some tendrils and chest-beams)

So yeah, "The day world is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls Avatar" *pfft* But really, that pales in comparison to the fact that everyone's favorite Tony Stark stand-in Varrick busted out with flying colors! (I had honestly thought their cell was either floor-level or underground)


*ahem* Moving on, I suppose the necessary pieces were in place to facilitate Mako and Korra's legitimate breakup. But it still feels kinda odd, the relationship they settled on. I mean, they didn't mention being "just really good friends" or anything like that, just ambiguous mutual "love" or something, and I have an un-good feeling not ironing out the details of what they are might come back to bite them, assuming Mako's wanting to have a healthy relationship Asami.

As for Bolin... wow, I guess if I hadn't figured it out before, this episode hammered down the precedent that Bolin is a emotional, love-desperate looser a.. good way? (I mean, I know he's not a looser, but for an earthbender, he sure doesn't have a good track record of solid footing concerning his goals or his heart, what with him being collared metaphorically by Varrick and once-literally by Eska) (actually, the heart thing was about him falling for nearly any pretty face (assumingly!), but I didn't want to pass on that joke, heh) At least he reconciled with Eska though, that's good.


As for whether the previous Avatars are destroyed, I'm assuming not. I mean, if Iroh didn't need assistance to stay who he was (in a sense), I doubt the Avatars would dissipate from losing their ghostly telephone. (also, if we take Roku into account via the comics, perhaps being under all their sway is not the best course by default?..) And, assuming they're still around, they can just play Where's Waldo in the Spirit World now to find them.

So yeah, them's me thoughts on the finale e're. As for Book 2 in general, this is what I've got to say:

  • Korra's.. getting better, but still kinda eh. Still assertive, at least!
  • Tenzin, if you have nothing left to teach, what're you supposed to do now? (I doubt that's actually true, but c'mon, that's always been Tenzin's thing, mentoring)
  • For supposedly knowing 10,000 things, Wan Shi Tong is kind've an oblivious, gullible birdbrain. If he wants to stay relevant in the world by the time humans create the computer, he better step up his common-sense game.
  • While I appreciate that people like Tenzin's siblings, children, and Varrick got their characterization this season, I still wish Lin had more of a chance to be on-screen. (I guess being one of Republic City's finest has its costs sometimes..)
  • Wan's episode was gooood.
  • EDIT: Now that I think about, there was bit/alot more kissing this season. *starts waving cane* Why, back in my day, we didn't go 'round kissin willy-nilly, it was either fer yer hunny, hubby, or yer dear ol' mother, and it meant som'n, y'hear! Now, did I ever tell you about the time, back when I walked uphill both ways to school...
  • I know I'm forgetting something, but what is it?- ...Hey, wait a minute.. we never learned what the sub-skill to Airbending was! I mean, it was said that was going to be revealed this season, right?.. Right??
  • Hopefully, the next season er, book will have more traveling, as it didn't seem like we actually got to see that many different places this time, or at least as much as I had thought/hoped we would. (to count: Republic City, South Pole, Spirit World in general, Southern Air Temple) (I'm not really counting the Fire Nation island, since that was hardly fleshed out as a location, in my opinion) (also, not sure about the locations with Wan's episode, since that was more like a flashback?) (now I'm not even sure what does and doesn't count as a meaningful location, ugh)


That's about it for what I can think up now. Regardless though; here's hoping that Book 3 can keep the fun/drama/action-train a'rolling!

"Oh wait, I guess they won't be able to use this intro anymore, assuming they won't bother to repair Aang's statue. (ah, who'm I kiddin'; If they voluntarily went through building that, they'd probably think little of repairing it)"